Happy New Year, USA!

Let’s make it one of peace, liberty, kindness, Patriotism – and a Ron Paul presidential victory.



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    this works for me… I am in MA…. I don’t know the date, but I will be at the polls…. I never ever miss election days… Even though I believe our elections are “bought and paid for”… Landslide elections are tough to “FIX”… It’s the close one that get stolen.. E.G. Florida 2008…!! I’m happy to help.. I voted against McCain last time the best way I could, I voted for “O”… But, this time I hope I won’t have to vote for the doughnut again…. I could even conceive of throwing my vote away on a candidate with NO chance of winning… but it’s not my normal nature to do so… However these are NOT normal times….. So who knows which candidate “peace, freedom and prosperity” types such as myself will be driven to vote for this time… I wish there could be a primary challenger for the doughnut… Why has no leader risen to the task..??

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