A Close Encounter of the Cop Kind – My Midnight Run-In With A Washington State Sheriff’s Officer


I enjoy going for walks. What can I say? So do lots of other people. Clear Pacific Northwest nights are perfect for them in Salmon Creek, Vancouver, and they're cheaper than gas guzzling tanks. So on the night following Labor Day this … [Read more...]

Security vs Liberty: A False Dichotomy


There is really only one argument in support of mass surveillance by the State: increased security can be bought with reduced privacy. That claim begs the question: “how much privacy buys how much security?” It is almost impossible to imagine … [Read more...]

The Triumph of Culture Over Politics: Edward Snowden and American Independence

To a first approximation, American political history before the 18th century is British political history. As most American schoolchildren know, in the 17th century, John Locke crystallized the idea that human law should reflect Natural Law, but the … [Read more...]