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Discover Blue Republican

and the Common Ground on which We Can Unite to Reclaim Our Liberties

About Blue Republican

AlternativeSeal300In 2008, Democrats and Independents voted for Obama, believing that, in voting against Bush’s Republicans, they were voting against crony corporatism (remember Haliburton, corporate bailouts?), wars of choice (Iraq) and the take-down of our civil rights (Patriot Act etc.).

Two years ago, a huge number of them realized that not only did their vote fail to stop any of these, but Obama was a kind of Bush-plus, extending and even deepening illiberal policy in all of these areas. As recent revelations about America’s massive surveillance state have revealed, they were right.

Many of these disillusioned Obama-voters came to understand that the real problem was bigger than one party or the other, one president or another, but that, “the presuppositions of the system”, as Noam Chomsky call them, ensure that the state, under control of either party, consistently and increasingly acts at the expense of our basic individual liberties – Bill of Rights be damned.

In 2012, thousands of these voters chose to stay true to their liberal principles by becoming (often for the first time in their lives) signed-up Republicans to support Ron Paul in his run for the Presidency.

In an article that I wrote at the time that appeared on Huffington Post, I called them “Blue Republicans“.

The article went viral and the term caught on and led to the setting up of a Facebook group, the design and distribution of Blue Republican marketing materials aimed at Liberals, and all kinds of guerrilla marketing, such as the surreptitious hanging of banners over Californian freeways, and so on.

People flew to the USA from all around the world to hand out Blue Republican fliers in Liberal parts of the country. Blue Republican became the largest coalition in support of Ron Paul’s campaign and I found myself giving in excess of 60 media interviews to explain the phenomenon that I had both named and promoted.

All that happened when “Blue Republican” was nothing more than a label, identified only with a core set of principles and a respectful, welcoming approach to spreading liberty. That the liberty movement had so comprehensively failed to have spoken to the liberty-curious on the soft Left was remarkable. That a single article, providing a political identity outside the Left-Right paradigm, could reach them was wonderful and extremely exciting.

Since the birth of Blue Republican, I have had the privilege of presenting on, and advocating for, individual liberty to myriad audiences. Many of them include educated, well-meaning people who are “Liberal-by-default”, which is a label that would have fitted me nicely for most of my life.

 What Is a Blue Republican?

Blue Republican is a completely non-partisan, grassroots group, that moves the dial of mainstream culture and politics toward Liberty, understood as the politics of Love. We put principle before party and pragmatism before purism by finding common ground among Americans of all political stripes.

The “Blue Republican” group is set apart from other Liberty-oriented groups by being less interested in winning philosophical purity contests than in winning supporters for Liberty, on the understanding that the most valuable principles are those that make a practical difference.

Red Check MarkA Blue Republican Sees Through the Left vs. Right Paradigm

 Millions of Americans are primed to reject the idea that the Left or the Right is the problem, and that the Right or the Left is the solution – but many of them haven’t been exposed to an alternative account of our politics that promotes liberty without pushing an entire worldview that represents a paradigm shift too large for them to accept. Blue Republican fills that niche.

Red Check MarkA Blue Republican Values Principles over Party

Blue Republican opposes partisanship. If you think that the problem is either the Left/Democrats or the Right/Republicans, then you’re the problem. It’s that political tribalism that has allowed both flavors of Power to undermine American liberty and justice – while we stood by as long as our side was winning. Parties only deserve loyalty to the extent that they promote, rather than undermine, those values.

Red Check MarkA Blue Republican Believes Love Is Part of the Solution

Our political system should be based in Love. Love is accepting and kind, wanting for others what they want for themselves. Love tries to solve problems by increasing freedom, rather than reducing it, and by understanding others, rather than judging them. Love is not dogmatic, but celebrates differences. We will not put down the morality, motivation or intelligence of those with whom we disagree.

Red Check MarkA Blue Republican Believes in Liberty

Liberty is the politics of Love. Love says to its object, “I want for you what you want for yourself”. Our political system should say exactly the same thing to the people it serves, rather than being a vehicle to impose one world view or another on our fellow Americans.

Red Check MarkA Blue Republican Seeks Common Ground with Others

Blue Republicans seek to find common ground with people who don’t yet identify with the liberty movement, to develop a civil discourse that helps them see how some of the ideas, policies and politicians that they typically support frustrate their principles. Blue Republican does not push a libertarian orthodoxy (which has always failed), but helps all people, and especially those who regard themselves as broadly Liberal, see how so many of our prevailing political assumptions are wrong.

Red Check MarkA Blue Republican Values Pragmatism over Purism

We support anyone in any party, or none, in advancing liberty & justice. All dogmas are dangerous to liberty.

Red Check MarkA Blue Republican Believes in the Constitution

There is no better outline for the values shared by us all than the Constitution, which is both a profoundly liberal and a profoundly conservative document.  We all want freedom of speech and conscience, privacy, due process, a government prevented from intruding into our personal lives, a high bar for sending our men and women off to die abroad, and protection from cronyism. All of these have been undermined hugely in our lifetime. Blue Republican fights to retrieve them, as per our nation’s founding purpose.

Red Check MarkA Blue Republican Understands that Culture Precedes Politics

Throughout history, major political change has started in the culture. By educating and opening minds, we make taking back our basic rights possible. Politicians can only do what the culture allows.

Red Check MarkA Blue Republican is an OptImist

“There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be healed by what is right with America.”

The Very Simple Way We Can Reclaim Our Liberties

AlternativeSeal300We are under no illusions regarding the scale of the problem, and the corruption of the system that maintains it. But the solution must include electing more candidates who resonate with the Blue Republican principles  (enumerated above) and who have the courage to stand for those principles in office.  To make this happen, more of us need to be liberty and love-minded.

Culture Precedes Politics

One of the things that sets Blue Republicans apart is their understanding that culture precedes politics. Historically, almost all large-scale changes in the political world toward liberty have followed a change in culture.  No doubt, the political establishment and those who oppose liberty and peddle fear understand this very well.

And as culture drives politics, so the media drive culture, limiting political discourse and keeping us divided and diverted.

Making more Blue Republicans and getting more Blue Republicans elected mean changing our sticky, cronyistic, Republicrat, fear-driven paradigm.  Blue Republicans will unstick it.

Liberty with Love: the Blue Republican Cultural Phenomenon

Blue Republican has struck a cultural chord. Immediately following the release of the first Blue Republican article on the Huffington Post, it was shared tweeted and liked thousands of times. The most impressive aspect was the number of liberals who resonated with the Blue Republican message of Liberty with Love and who actually switched parties specifically to support Ron Paul and his message of peace, civil liberties and no more business-as-usual.

It was all very exciting. I was interviewed over 60 media times, including on Fox News, and officially recognized and personally thanked by the Ron Paul campaign. It was a particular honor to share a stage with Ron Paul, himself, standing in front of the Blue Republican logo, and have him recognize our work and our Blue Republican brand.

This is all a perfect example of how politics can be affected when the media are used to reflect the zeitgeist and influence the culture. The most exciting aspect of the entire phenomenon is happening now – in the initiation of a nationwide effort to create a network of Blue Republican state chapters as part of a blue print for a relatively simple and way, practically tested way, by which We the People can reclaim our liberties.

Influencing Culture and Politics State by State

The most remarkable aspect of Blue Republican is how it immediately went viral. I was personally surprised, and then I was amazed! The Blue Republican message strikes a chord that resonates strongly with people of all ages, genders, races, religions and, yes, even parties. Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, men, women, black or white: it makes little difference. Liberty with Love speaks to what unites us all.

Yet, the principles of Blue Republican are distinct. They point the way out of the tyranny that has befallen our country. Blue Republican principles are practical, unique to American politics and most importantly, they distill what a majority of people agree on.

After the original Blue Republican article went viral and the Facebook  group started gaining momentum, people began to email me and approach me after speaking engagements to tell me just how much they loved that article. After one event, a man waited to share the story of when he had given the article to his daughter, and it changed everything for her. Time after time, people have told me of their favorite Blue Republican article that “was the one that finally persuaded me to join the liberty movement”.

Reclaiming liberty requires that all of us at the grass roots level must do what we can do with whatever opportunity they’ve been given. It soon became clear to me that the opportunity (and challenge) I was being presented with was to take and use the momentum generated by the first Blue Republican article to spread the Blue Republican “Liberty with Love” message to turn disillusioned Americans into that an irresistible force in the effort to reclaim our liberties.

Blue Republican State Chapters

Blue Republican is not a party. We are not affiliated with any party and we never will be. Partisan politics is antithetical to principle-based solutions based on shared interests. Rather, Blue Republican chapters are forming a grassroots-driven network of state-level organizations that work together to promote and restore liberty and justice for all in these United States.

Our goal is to reach the liberty-curious especially, but not exclusively, in “bluer” cities, counties and states. We will not be scared to use the vocabulary of social democrats to explain to social democrats why the growing and increasingly intrusive State on which they have depended has, in nearly every case, produced outcomes at odds with their good intentions. In short, Blue Republicans are interested in finding the common ground between Liberals and (classical) liberalism from which to bring the former on a journey toward the latter.

Discover Liberty with Love

Using their entrepreneurial instincts & skills, along with our support & guidance, chapters will build membership by promoting a powerful message. They will have at their disposal the weight of the Blue Republican “political franchise” in support of local candidates for anything from school board to Governor. We already have 12 chapters and we’re gaining momentum by the day. Blue Republican is a ready-made channel for political marketing & outreach for liberty-driven candidates. Through its chapters Blue Republican will make the liberal case for liberty candidates.

Are You a Blue Republican?

You’ve read about Blue Republican; how one article energized people across the political spectrum, and how the  “Liberty with Love” message is rapidly influencing culture and politics. My question to you is simply, “Are You a Blue Republican?” If you’re like most Americans, you’re troubled by the direction of our country, but not sure what you can do. Now is your chance. Regardless of whether you want to head a chapter, join a chapter, or sit on the sidelines (for just a bit) and watch, start by entering your name &  email address. We’ll keep you updated on all things “Blue Republican” and for a limited time give you a 20% discount on your first order of Blue Republican T-Shirts.  Become a Blue Republican today. Together, we’ll become free Americans tomorrow.